Carrie Highley was born in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1966 where cotillion dances and southern manners were ingrained deep in her thread of life along with a college degree, find a man and make a happy family.  She did just that even though her heart was telling her to do something else, to love a woman.  

Highley learned to ride a bicycle almost as quickly as she began walking and her bicycle became an escape for many years, but eventually it would help lead her full circle to becoming her true self.  After many years of struggling with voices telling her otherwise and insecurities she has finally come to terms with her sexual orientation.

Highley completed her bachelor’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Western Carolina University.  She is an active member of Asheville Writers, Blue Ridge Bicycle Club, and Adventure Cycling Association.  Blue Apple Switchback is her first book.  She enjoys gardening, hiking and biking.

She is currently working on a novel based in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee.

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